Fruit Peel Enzymes

Fruit Peel enzyme is a solution produced by fermentation of fruit peels, sugar and water. It is a multipurpose liquid, especially effective for fly and sewer odor control. It is very easy to make and kids love this activity.


  • 30 litre plastic Eco Enzyme tub w/lid

  • extra long spoon for stirring

  • funnel for poring EM juice into bottle

  • large bottles for storing Eco Enzyme juice


  • fruit peels only (no fruits and seeds) No coconuts and durian please!

  • 1 kg. sugar

  • 10 litres water

How to make

  • Combine sugar and water, stir till well mixed. Add the fruit peels.

  • Within 1-2 weeks small air bubbles will appear as well as white specks at the top of the mixture. (Do not be alarmed, the white specks are friendly enzymes) The mixture should have a nice fermented fruity scent, similar to wine.

  • When you add new fruit peels make sure to bring the peels from the bottom of the tub to the top and mix well.

  • If the mixture grows mould or has a rotten smell, this means something has gone wrong! Please throw your mixture out and start fresh.

  • After 4 weeks the mixture is ready for use.


  • Pour over open sewers to get rid of smells. Kor Tor Mor uses this Eco Enzyme all over Bangkok especially during times of flooding.

  • Dilute with water and spray your plant. (1 : 1.5 liters of water)

  • Dilute with water to clean floor. (2 : 5 liters of water)