3R Workshop

3R setup @ Baan Soi Klang


#52 Safetist Farm

#53 Early Coffee at Samakorn Ram Khamhaeng


#48 Khun Noi & Khun NuDaeng from Baan Sanghee with over 100 people plan to implement zero waste living at her compound. Khun Goi & husband loved the Pan Pui compost tower and will switch to this system.

#49 Khun Thippa and Khun Be, Khun Pia's golf buddies

#50 Ajan Jeap from Tam Nak Plai Nern and friends. Failed at composting and has brought her staff to learn Soi Klang's secret tips to fast composting...drain and chop food waste is a must!

#51 Staff from STMS (Sathorn Thani Management Service) which manages many office towers and shopping malls. They are focusing on fruit peel enzyme production first.

#52 Khun Donk from Hello Magazine

#53 Khun Pia's Khao Yai house

#54 Khun Ple and staff from BA Place Hotel & Residence and Let's Relax Spa chain .

#55 Pita explains composting to her parents after asking to be shown how to compost!

#53 SJC 'Save the World'

#54 Khun May and staff

#55 Khun Aor from Kbank

#56 Khun Im from Safetist


# 1. Housekeeper from Khun Wan, Daranee, Poa and Pui

#2. Housekeepers from Khunying Chamnongsri, Pramod, Pimpa and Petpring

#3 Khun Anurut with Khun Pan

#4 Nanda's house

#5 Khun Nong and staff from K Village

#6 Workshop at Tenth's house

#7. Khun Savitri and Priyaruch (HR) from Chatrium

#8. Khun Pui & Nuk (Special Tech Corporation), DaengYai, Su, Nuch, Nong and Bum

#9 . Workshop & Kahoot Quiz @PIA Interior Design on 20th Anniversary

#10. Workshop for "Green Angels " @ Holy Redeemer Church to welcome Pope Francis to assemble the Mass at Supatchalasai Stadium on Nov'19

#11. Aim and Kun from Baan Suan Mak set up "Fish net cage" or "Hae Duk Kuad" right after attended the workshop!

#12. After workshop, Aj Jeap also suggested the replacement items for "Aid's Run" and supported our "Green Angels" to do the trash separation on her Grandmother's birthday at Wan Kloeng Toey

#13 Lhong1919 Manager and staff

#14. EEC Thailand's Kao Yai Office by Khun Earth

#15 Dr. Sanyapong & Khun Tik from Roi-et learns how to separate trash

#16 Louis Alban & his wife

#17 Khun Ploy with compost system

#18 Khun Felix Link & his staff pay attention on how to separate trash and compost in Pattaya house

#19 Ubongo TH office seperates trash into colour bins with clearlly labeled for easy understanding

#20 Mark Scodellaro makes his own compost by using Pakdone compost bucket.

#21 Khun Num loooves the Pan Pui and EM systems.

#22 Khun Kingkaew, housekeeper@ Khun Yupa's house, learns how to separate single use plastic.

#23 Khun Pim with her housekeeper, gardener and drivers join plastic pollution Kahoot game before recycle workshop.

#24 Khun Danny plans to compost and separate single use plastic at his Khao yai properties.

#25 khun Tuktik's house .

#26 Khun Cylis buys the 3 tier Terracotta pots to compost at home.

#27 Baan Saun Mak, Baan Saun Plu managers and SMTS team learns at our 3R workshop.

#28 Khun Pui and her staff set up full scale trash separation.

#29 Jan Graeff and John Hancock , Rotary Bangkok .

#30 Khun Num from Recycle Day.

#31 Khun Mam has been composting without success until she has switched to Punpui terracotta pots.

#32 Khun Nong plans to set up this compost system at her mother 's house.

#33 Valerie from France loves Pakdone's terracotta pots.

#34 The Geen by Mut and her team enjoyed chopping food waste, a necessary step for fast composting.

#35 Khun Gina is trying out rubber compost tumbler & will switch to our compost system also.

#36 Khun Nong (Srichanok) learns how to make EM & compost and will use this system at Baan Thep community school, KloengToei.

#37 Friends from SJC school gather together to learn how to separate trash and compost.

#38 Kru Bha Tun is super green!

#39 Khun Pik visits our compost station and is now doing her own at home.

#40 Khun Torm Pornprapha's house

#35 3rd year ISSP (Interactive Science and Social Project) students from Chula University.

#42 Erica Young and Kru Ja Aey from Shrewsbury School (city campus).

#43 Khun Bussara looooves our compost station.

#44 Khun Mam Wanglee orders a set of terracotta pots after seeing how easy it is to compost with Pan Pui.

#45 Khun Oy & Khun Geoffrey visit our compost station at night time.

#46 Pakdone organises the compost system at Thai Polo Pattaya.

#47 Khun Sandeep's new house. New Year's gift from Less Plastic Thailand.