Recycling Guide

We'll walk you through the steps to start sorting your trash for effective recycling.

1. Garbage Bins

The 5 colors to remember

Green - Organic Waste (for composting)

Yellow - Recycling (to be remade into other things)

Orange - Hazardous Waste (to be disposed of in a safe manner)

Red - Infected Waste (to be disposed of in a safe manner)

Blue - Trash for Landfill (we want to reduce this as much as possible)

Garbage Posters for labeling the garbage bins


Green: Organic waste for composting

Separate fruit peels (no seeds, no coconuts and durian!) for pick up by Kor Tor Mor or for easy eco enzyme home production and use.

Yellow: Recycling

After separating the saleable recycling, you will be left with low value plastics which the Salengs will not buy, but they can be upcycled as follows:

For re-purposing into

monk saffron robes

Wat Jark Daeng takes all plastic! including single use plastic bottles, cups, food containers, straws, bags, sauce sachets. snack & instant noddle wrapping!

Washed, Dried, Cleaned, Separated into categories and Stuffed into their giant rainbow bag.

Deliver to the temple yourself or call 066 159 9555 for pick up, if in large quantities or send by Kerry

Washed, Dried, Cleaned, Separated into catergories and delivery by post to Tha Makham Agriculture Center

213 M.2 Soi Pantana 1, Tumboon Tha Makham, Ampur Muang, Kachanaburi 71000

or call 034 624 281, 081 857 250

Clean plastic bags

through the pyrolysis process into liquid fuel

Suan Phutthachrt 229 M 7 Tumbon Ban Plama Ampore Plama Supanburi Province 72150

or call 081 637 6864

for Green road & flip flops

Asst.Prof. Wechsawan Lakas

22 Soi 7 Muan Dam Pra Kot Rd Tambon Chang Phueak, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai 50300

send by mail or deliver to

“Won Project”, TPBI Public Company Limited,

42/174, Moo 5, Raikhing, Sampran, Nakornpathom, 73210

Baan Ua-athon Rayong (Wanwa)

Washed, Cleaned & deliver to

Tesco Lotus Hyper Supermarket all over Thailand through Sept 2019

Make coaster, plant pots

for children furniture & roof

Small plastic items for Ecobricks

som tam plastic

for collecting small pieces of clean packaging. Must be very well packed! For buildings, fences and more send to Bamboo school , 234 Bong Ti Lang Sai Yok, Kanchanaburi 71150

Small plastic items for Eco fuel cup

for collecting small pieces of clean packaging to be sent to RDF

at N15 technology

If you are not willing to sort and clean your single use plastic

including yakult & yogurt containers, iced coffee cups, straws and single use plastic bags and send them to individual projects, they can be sold very cheaply to Wongpanit (search Google Map near me) or they have to go in the blue bin for Kor Tor Mor to take to landfill.

Sorting Low Volume

For sorting bins, try these handy IKEA storage boxes

Great For: Paper products, UHT, Hazardous Waste, Bottle Caps and more!


Orange: Hazardous Waste

Red: Contaminated waste (mainly seen at Hospitals)

Blue: Trash for landfill (to be reduced as much as possible)

Trash to go to landfill (garbage mountain!)

(We want this to be as little as possible)

Since Covid-19 there is a huge number of contaminated masks which need to be disposed of properly.

Please put in clear plastic bags before dropping into the blue bin.

2. The right garbage bags

Use clear colour bags so that trash can be easily identified.

Available at Makro

What to buy to get started.