Recycle Workshop

Trash Separation workhop @ Baan SoiKlang

# 1. Housekeeper from Khun Wan, Daranee, Poa and Pui

#2. Housekeepers from Khunying Chamnongsri, Pramod, Pimpa and Petpring

Click here: how to do your own "Green Cone" at home

#3 Khun Anurut with Khun Pan

#4 Nanda's house

#5 Khun Nong and staff from K.Village

#6 Workshop at Tenth's house

#7. Khun Savitri and Priyaruch from Chatrium

#8. Khun Pui & Nuk (Special Tech Corporation), DaengYai, Su, Nuch, Nong and Bum

#9 . Workshop & Kahoot Quiz @PIA Interior Design on 20th Anniversary

#10. Workshop for "Green Angels " @ Holy Redeemer Church to welcome Pope Francis to assemble the Mass at Supatchalasai Stadium on Nov'19

#11. Aim and Kun from Baan Suan Mak set up "Fish net cage" or "Hay Duk Kuad" right after attended the workshop!

#12. After workshop, Aj Jeap also suggested the replacement items for "Aid's Run" and supported our "Green Angels" to do the trash separation on her Grandmother's birthday at Wan Kloeng Toey

#13 Lhong1919 Manager and staff

#14. EEC Thailand's Kao Yai Office

#15 Dr. Sanyapong & Khun Tik from Roi-et learns how to separate trash

#16 louis Alban & his wife

#17 Khun Ploy with compost system

#18 Khun Felix Link & his staff pay attention on how to separate trash and compost in Pattaya house

#19 Ubongo TH office seperates trash into colour bins with clearlly labeled for easy understanding

#20 Mark Scodellaro makes his own compost by using Pakdone compost bucket.

#21 Khun Num interests in separate trash and homemade EM.

#22 Khun Kingkaew housekeeper is interesting in sperate trash.

#23 Khun Pim with her housekeeper, gardener and drivers join Kahoot game before recycle workshop.

#24 Khun Danny plans to compost and separate single use plastic at his Khao yai properties.

#25 khun Tuktik's house .

#26 Khun Cylis gets the 3 tire Terracotta pots to compost at home

#27 Baan Saun Mak, Baan Saun Plu managers and SMTS team pay attention on how to compost and recycle.

#28 Khun Pui plans to do homemade EM and compost at home.

#29 Jan Graeff and John Hancock , Rotary Bangkok

#30 Erica Young and Kru Ja Aey from Shrewsbury School (city campus)

#31 khun Num from Recycle Day

#32 Khun Mam plans to do compost at her home.

#33 Khun Nong plans to set up the compost system at her mother house.