Replace Single Use Plastics

Try these simple swaps to reduce your single plastic use and save money in the long run.


Single use plastic bags, because they cannot easily be recycled and wash into oceans, causing dangers to wildlife and our health.

Switch To:

Reusable bags

Shopping Cloth Bag


Reusable Mesh Drawstring Grocery Shopping Bag from Lazada

Mesh Net Reusable Fruit Storage Bags from Lazada:


Single use plastic water bottles. These take up to 450 years to decompose if not recycled. They also become microplastic which has entered the human food chain and is harmful to our health.

Switch To:

Reusable Bottles

Stainless Steal Bottles for keeping with you at all times.

Filtered clean cold water by Elkay

@K. Village Suhkumvit 26

Reusable glass bottle from


Water Dispenser, great for events, cafes and restaurants

from Emporium


Buying bottled water for home drinking

Switch To:

Using a water filter (up front investment will pay off within 3 - 6 months)

Brand: Stebel Eltron, Clarte , Pure

from any department stores

Culligan contact: S.Napa


Single use plastic To-Go Cups and Plastic Straws. These items are designed cheaply for single use and cannot be recycled.

Switch To:

Reusable Mugs, Cups & Straws

Reusable Drink Cup

Coffee cup

Reusable Paper, bamboo & Steel Straws


Plastic wrap

Switch To:

Reusable glass Containers w/lids

Reusable Plastic Containers w/lids

Bee's wrap

Thai style dish cover

made out of bamboo


Plastic & Foam Lunch Boxes, Bags and Cutlery

Plastic Lunch Box

Foam Lunch Box

Plastic Bags

Plastic Cutlery

Switch To:

Reusable Containers + Packing Your Own Lunch

Reusable silicone bags

Reusable lunch container

Bento Container

Reusable spoons, forks and chopsticks


buying these unrecyclable mixed material sachets.

Switch to:

Refill station system: from Pungungreen


Black trash bags

Switch to:

using colored bags for each type of waste

available at Makro


Don't throw food waste into plastic lined bins as this keeps moisture in and will prolong composting time

Switch to:

Use a strainer to dry out food waste through the day. Put a lid over the strainer to keep flies away!

Map of Recommended Stores

Refill Stations and Plastic Free Shops

Learn about how to reduce your waste by visiting these shops.

  • Better Moon

  • Refill Station

  • ZeroMoment

  • Zero Waste Shop