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Ekasak 159 Ladprao 71

Contact Khun Add | 089 816 1949


Mega Bangna branch Bangyai Branch

7 & 12 liter food waste bucket with strainer, handle & a closed lid. Great for faster composting from Shopee

Another type of food waste bucket with strainer, handle & a closed lid. from Shopee

Recycle Bin - Joseph 60


Clear liners for large trash bin

Paper liners for small waste basket and paper bags with handles


Punpuli - Clay Compost Bin

Pak Done

Compost Bucket
@ 600 baht
Pak Done

Small and medium Smart Cara composter
that can compost food waste within 24 hours:
PC-350: 1 Kg
PC- 500: 5 Kg
Call 085-564-4196
@ vkangreen

Medium Oklin Composter that can compost food waste within 24 hours: up to 5 Kg capacity,
price 69,000 baht
Call 095 159 5645

Compost Tumbler

Line @mugngai

call 063 564 5694, price 3,290 baht

30 litre Eco Enzyme tub w/lid

Ekasak 159 Laprao 71

mobile: 089 816 1949

Shop Plastic Replacement Items

Shopping Cloth Bag

Reusable Folding Polyester Shopping Bag from Japan, Australia, coming soon for Thai market!

Great for cooks to shop at the market

from IKEA

Stainless Steal Bottles from Refill Statins

Collapsable Bottles, great for saving space in your purse

Refillable Glass Bottles for home use

from IKEA

Water Dispenser, great for events, cafes and restaurants from Emporium

Reusable Ice Drink Cup from Refill Stations, Lazada and any Department Stores,

Reusable Drink Cup from Refill Stations

Reusable Steel Straws from

Refill Stations

Bamboo Straws from

Refill Stations

Grass Straws from

PS.Grass Straw

Reusable Mesh Drawstring Grocery Shopping Bag from Lazada

Reusable Glass Container w/lid from any Department Stores, kitchenware section

Reusable Ceramic Container w/lid from Jatujak Market

Reusable Box Container w/lid from Department Stores, kitchenware section

Reusable Lunch Box Container from Refill Stations and Replanet

Bento Container

Easy to find everywhere! Thais used to use these all the time!!

Reusable Thermal Stainless Steel any Department Stores, kitchenware section

Bees Wrap from TripleBeesWrap or ID Line: @triplebeeswrap

Reusable Cutlery from Refill Stations & Department Stores

Foldable Silicone Lunch Box

Silicone bag

Foldable Silicone Coffee Cup

Silicone Lunch Set

Shop non plastic Take Away containers

takes only 6 months to compost more information add Line ID: bioeco or call 02-338-4900

Biodegradable packaging is containers and packaging made from natural plant fibers for sustainable good living.

  • Free of chemicals or substances causing cancer

  • Ovenable/microwavable

  • Leak proof, for both hot and cold food

  • Decomposable within 6 weeks

Online Shopping

Silicone Container to store food from

Silicone Stretch Lids

Mesh Net Reusable Fruit Storage Bags

Translucent Silicone Straw from

Two-tone in the box

Biodegradable Paper Straw

Reusable Glass Straw

Reusable Wooden Cutlery

Zero Waste Thailand

Foldable Polyester bag

Utensil Set

Mesh shopping bag

Refill Stations and Plastic Free Shops

Learn about how to reduce your waste by visiting these shops.

  • Better Moon

  • Refill Station

  • ZeroMoment

  • Zero Waste Shop

  • Greenherit

  • Pungungreen

  • เติมเต็ม

  • Get Well Zone


  • OC Organic Shop

  • Lessplasticable

  • Grasstonomy

  • Atnest Hostel

  • Bad Habit TH