About us

Who Are We?

Less Plastic Thailand (LPT), established on Earth Day in 2019, is a small volunteer hub that aims to start initiatives and deliver solutions for environmental problems through collaborations with others. Our core team plays the role of “Coordinator” to connect the dots and empower diverse environmental players to execute social innovation projects. 

We have no legal entity. We are not a foundation. We are a Non Profit Organization look alike. This network can work with all segments without conflict.

Our Mission

1) Edutainment

To create communication tools and integrate environmental issues with fun learning i.e. animation, board game, activities. These can be used in schools, homes and organizations.

2) Green Event

To cultivate green culture by supporting green organizers. This is to help the event owner prepare a waste reduction and management plan. It is aligned with the Bio-Circular-Green (BCG) Economy concept.

3) Social Innovation

To be a “Think Tank” for social problem solving using design thinking, with focus on the 3 pillars of sustainability. (Social-Economy-Environment)

Why Us?

This network does not focus only on plastic but tries to reduce landfill waste. Promote 3R concept (Reduce Reuse Recycle), how to sort the trash, how to use plastic smartly and how to reduce Less Plastic-to-Landfill.

To be a good friend to everyone, we use soft communication rather than aggressive pressure for change. We provide consumers with options and power to choose. “Do a little good thing first and then do a little more, when you are ready.”

Let's work together! Contact us at admin@lessplastic.info

- Meet The Team -

Samornmitr Pan Lamsam


Thanyarat Satienrach (Joy)


Metha Sentong (Pop)

Network Coordinator & Content Manager

Aaron, Nisha, Pan & Nina


Aoey, Amy & Joy

Ubongo Animation Team

Pia & Ba

Social Media & Merchandising


Lara & The Casalotti

Zero waste living model

Mam, Noi and Ning Panyarachun    Networking

Mark & Giacomo

Original Cofounders