Say NO to single use plastic

Try these simple swaps to reduce your single plastic use & save money in the long run.


Single-use plastic bags: they cannot easily be recycled and wash into oceans, causing dangers to wildlife and our health.

Switch to: reusable bags 

Tote bags

Reusable Mesh Drawstring Grocery Shopping Bags


 Mesh Net Reusable Fruit Storage Bags



Single-use plastic water bottles: these take up to 450 years to decompose if not recycled. They also become microplastic which has entered the human food chain and is harmful to our health.

Switch to: reusable bottles 

Filtered clean cold water by Elkay @K. Village Suhkumvit 26

Water Dispenser from Emporium


Buying  bottled water for home drinking.

Switch to:  water filter (up front investment will pay off within 3 - 6 months)

Brand: Stebel Eltron, Clarte , Pure 

from any department store

Culligan contact:  S.Napa


Single-use plastic to-go cups & plastic straws: these items are designed cheaply for single use and cannot be recycled.

Switch to:  reusable cups, mugs & straws

Reuseable cup with straw

Insulated coffee sip cup

Reusable paper, bamboo & steel straws



Plastic wrap.

Switch to:  reusable packaging 

Silicone bowl covers


Beeswax wrap from Prynwan

Thai style dish cover made out of  bamboo


Single-use to-go food boxes, bags & cutlery.

Switch to:  reusable containers & cutlery 

 Reusable silicone bags 

Reusable lunch container

Bento Container

Reusable spoons, forks and chopsticks


Black trash bags.

Switch to:  colored bags for each type of waste 

Available at Makro


Unrecyclable mixed  material sachets (ex. laundry detergent).

Switch to:  refill stations & plastic-free products

Refill Stations & Plastic Free Shops: