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Waste Sorting

Garbage Bins with Wheels

Ekasak shop ,  159  Ladprao 71

Contact Khun Add/  Tel  089 816 1949

Small Garbage Sorter


 Mega Bangna Branch/ IKEA near Central West Gate / BangYai Branch

Colored Trash Bags



7 & 12 liter food waste bucket  with strainer, handle & a closed lid. Great for faster composting from Shopee

 PakDone Punpuli -Clay Compost Terra Cotta Pots

Home composting within 3 weeks. No smell, no, worms and nor rats & flies!

PakDone home composting bucket  


A nifty Composter  that can compost food waste within 24 hours

input Capacity 0 -5 kg/per day
call 095-159-5645

Organic waste dry decomposer 

capacity 1 kg/day 

call 0855644196

A more detailed and comprehensive list of your options:



30 litre Eco Enzyme tub w/lid from Ekasak shop 159 Lardprao 71    mobile: 089 816 1949  or buy from Shopee