BKK Magic Hands

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, LPT initiated the PET to PPE project. However, the alleviation of the pandemic meant that personal protective equipments (PPE) were no longer in high demand. LPT wanted a way to keep recycling polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles. Thus, we collaborated with the Department of Environment, Thailand Environment Institute (TEI), PPP Plastics, Thailand Institute of Packaging and Recycling Management for Sustainable Environment (TIPMSE), Youเทิร์น by GC and Z-Safe and turned our attention to another dire issue: fatal road accidents involving street sweepers. Each year, there are 4-5 accidents involving street sweepers. BKK Magic Hands aims to reduce plastic waste and protect workers by collecting and turning PET bottles into reflective safety garments.


How to Get Involved

Option 1: collect PET bottles and recycle

Option 2: donate to BKK Magic Hands 

The donation will be used to cover the cost of producing the safety garments for the street sweepers. Donations can be made to the Thailand Environment Institute (TEI): 

Thailand Environment Institute (TEI) Krungthai Bank (PCL) Muang Thong Thani

Account Number 147-1-13740-6

Email a receipt of your donation to pinyada@tei.or.th

For more information you can reach out to the most convenient Public Park and Clean Section District Office or access the Department of Environment's website.

Check out our progress so far & all the available PET bottle drop-off points