How do I sort my garbage? 

Check out this easy guide on how to properly sort your organic waste,  recycling, single use plastics and hazardous waste. 

Where can I buy the right garbage bins? 

We've made a shopping list and map of where you can find all the bins, bags, and materials you'd need to set up your own easy recycling.

Where can I find someone to pick up my recycling?

Kor Tor Mor will automatically pick up your recycling in front of your house. Or you can call a Saleng/ waste picker.

Where can I find poster to label to my trash bins?

Plastics: What's Recyclable, what Becomes Trash and Why?

High value plastics are items that the Salengs can sell to the collection centers. Low value plastics are the plastics that cannot be recycled by the recycling plants in Thailand and mostly end up as trash in the landfill and the ocean. It is best to stop using these single use plastics.  This article is US based but explains well the reasons behind what is recyclable in practise.     See our chart here on what to do with your single use plastic.

Why is plastic harmful?

What to do with single-use plastic?

Can I organize a Green Event for my company or private party ?

Yes,  you can just contact 091 395 5942 for Green Event  

Why do I have to separate food waste? 

So not all your waste becomes trash and you can save what can be recycled.  2. Food waste in landfill releases methane gas that causes the greenhouse effect contributing to global warming.

What kind of trash bags should I use?

Makro now sells trash bags in 4 colors: Green, Yellow, Red and Blue, Color coding helps users, Saleng and Kor Tor Mor identify what type of waste is in the bag. You should discontinue the use of a black garbage bags altogether. 

How do I set up recycle workshop?

They have several ways to contact for recycle workshop: 

1. For House call Joy 099 419 3928, Condo call Nina 081 426 3418 and School call Mut 091 395 5942.  

2. Visit our "Recycle" page and scan QR code to request "Workshop Line Group".