Mindful Merit Making

We are working to come up with new models for merit making activities that do not cause excessive waste and plastic pollution.

Dhammara Model for Mindful Merit Making

Dhammaram would like to thank everyone who has been coming here to make food offerings such a beautiful and satisfying ritual and for so carefully taking care of the facilities.

We must also acknowledge that our beautiful intention to provide food essentials for our venerable Ajahns has resulted in a lot of harmful plastic waste that is destroying our environment and animal habitat. As such, we are encouraging the following changes :

· Bottled water – Please do not bring bottled water as part of your offering. Our staff will prepare drinking water for both monks and visitors. Please help yourself to our clean filtered drinking water. We also encourage everyone to carry their refillable bottle to help reduce plastic bottle.

· Shrink Wrap – We no longer provide plastic wrap. There may be substituted a reusable silicone wrap, please ask our staff.

· “Refuse” any disposable package in your food shopping practices.

· “STOP” bringing food and drink offerings that are in disposable packages. Please bring them in reusable food containers with lid. Leftover should be packed in your own container(s) to avoid any extra plastic bag.

We understand that what we ask of you cannot be done with ease as plastic has played a large part in our lives, but we suggest that we try our best to care for the health of the Earth as much as the health of our revered Ajahns. Let’s not sacrifice one for another.

Reduce Reuse & Recycle. Our Recycle station is situated in the kitchen. Please help us separate your waste correctly.

We thank you for your cooperation, so that a healthy Earth can be handed down to future generations.

Wat Jark Daeng

Wat Pa Book, Lampoon